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About ALPI

ALPI – Associação Lusa Portugueses por Israel (Association Portuguese for Israel) is an association founded in July 2020 that aims to deepen the relationship between Portugal and Israel, promoting education about Israel and supporting this country from Portugal in its fight for Justice and Peace.

ALPI also aims to fight against anti-semitism according to the definition of IHRA – International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance of which Portugal is a member.

Structure of ALPI

Board of Directors

  • President – João Rebelo
  • Vice-President – Madalena Barata
  • Vice-President – Paulo Casaca
  • Secretary-General – Romeu Monteiro
  • Member – Alexandrina Batalha
  • Member – Artur Neves
  • Member – Gil Alcoforado
  • Member – Luísa Almendra
  • Member – Miguel Granja

Board of the General Assembly

  • Chairman – Eduardo Rosa Silva
  • 1st Secretary – Bela Dias
  • 2nd Secretary – Diogo Moura

Board of Auditors

  • President – André Rodrigues Barbosa
  • Member – Isabel de Botton
  • Member – Isabel Santiago 

Declaration of Principles

In spite of the undisputable establishment and development of the modern State of Israel, the Jewish people, the Israeli citizens, and the State of Israel are still victims of many attacks – defamatory, terrorist, military, economic, diplomatic – as well as many other forms of discriminatory violence, all of it a consequence of an extreme irrational ignorance and hate which still affects humanity – 75 years after the Shoah, when 6 million Jews were exterminated in Europe.

We consider that an informative intervention is necessary to balance the frequently biased action from some news sources.

We are Portuguese men and women of diverse origins, faiths and ideologies, united against the violence directed against the Jewish people and the citizens of Israel. We thus decided to create the Association Portuguese for Israel (ALPI – Associação Lusa Portugueses por Israel). Our aim is to unite our efforts to promote education about and justice for Israel, as well as to build a stronger relationship between Portugal and Israel.

Principles and Values

  1. The right of the Jewish people to national self-determination

ALPI recognizes the undisputable right of the Jewish nation to have a sovereign state in its ancestral homeland, the place where the Jewish people became a nation more than 3000 years ago, and to where they always tried to return, in spite of all the massacres and deportations they were subjected to, having established there the modern State of Israel in 1948.

  1. The right of the citizens of Israel to safety

ALPI recognizes the fundamental human right of the Israeli citizens to live in freedom and safety in their country, as well as in their trips abroad; to be free from threats, and from psychological, terrorist or military attacks or any other form of violence based on their Israeli citizenship.

  1. The recognition of anti-zionism as a form of anti-semitism

ALPI considers anti-zionism as a modern form of anti-semitism which must be fought, since it acts towards the Jewish State in a discriminatory and excluding way when compared to other countries. This attitude often manifests itself in actions of denial, defamation and demonization, as well as boycotts of the State of Israel.

  1. ALPI will follow the determinations endorsed by the IRHA, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.
  1. Upgrade of the relationship between Portugal and Israel

ALPI considers both the relationship between the Portuguese Republic and the State of Israel and the relationship between Portuguese and Israel citizens as relationships of high value and potential, which should be tended for, to the benefit of all parties.


  1. Education

ALPI shall follow a strategy of promotion of education and awareness about the history of Israel and the Jewish people, as well as the threats and attacks suffered by the citizens of Israel and the Jewish people.

  1. Justice and equality

ALPI shall demand and fight for a fair and equal treatment of Israel and her citizens in every aspect, namely in the political, economical, cultural and sports spheres, as well as in the press.

  1. ALPI shall interact with international democratic institutions, namely with the IRHA, in order to amplify the voices defending the rights of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
  1. Promotion of Portugal-Israel relationships

ALPI shall try to promote interchanges and cooperations between Portugal and Israel in every field, such as – but not limited to – education, culture, science, economy and security.


Becoming a Member of ALPI

If you subscribe to the Principles of ALPI, are 18 or older and have a connection to Portugal, you are welcome to join ALPI!

In order to become a Member of ALPI please fill this online application.

After approval by the Board of Directors, you will receive an email with your membership number and instructions to pay the minimum yearly membership fee of 30 EUR.

Becoming a Friend of ALPI

Being a Friend of ALPI allows young people below 18 years of age to be informed of the projects of ALPI and to demonstrate their support without any commitment. 

In order to become a Friend of ALPI please fill out this online form.

Note: if you are 18 or older you should apply to become a Member.

You can also help by making the ALPI known to Portuguese people and to other people living in Portugal whom share the same principles and objectives. Together we are stronger!

Please send any questions, proposals, and offers of cooperation, to the e-mail address geral@portuguesesporisrael.org.

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